Having fun in 2012

Posted: Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


We believe that each child is a unique and special individual! Our various preschool and childcare programs are well balanced to meet each child's individual needs. We have a great responsibility to the children who attend Oak Tree and our staff members provide your child with a safe, secure, stimulating and educational environment....one designed to create a lifelong love of learning in your child!!  Not only will they learn different and important skills but they will learn them in a fun, exciting way! Through out the year we make the children feel like they are special and unique in their own way by letting them feel like a prince or princess on their birthday or day of birthday celebration.  We have a blast learning about different animals as we go through the school year.  Take a look at some of the fun times we had during 2012 dressing up like animals, clowns and flowers.  We also are so happy to have healthy delicious snacks that incorporate the themes we are learning.  Oak Tree is a place to make life long friends and memories all while learning the beginning necessities a child needs to grow!

Photo Gallery:

birthday snack flowers birthday snack birthday snack volcano volcano volcano volcano walk walk birthday bunnies pirates pirates elephants elephants snack snack snack bunny birthday clowns clowns birthday snack bunnies bunnies birthday