Preschool Summer Camp 2012

Posted: Friday, August 31st, 2012


Oak Tree offers a wonderful, fun-filled summer. One filled with laughter, friends and outdoor activities. We have three groups of campers in the summer, a preschool group, a pre-kindergarten group and a school-age group. The program runs from Monday-Friday from 6:30 a.m until 6:00p.m. Our goal is to fill their summers with memories that last a lifetime! Each summer offers a new and exciting theme. We do many amazing activities related to that theme. We will have many structured activities that stimulate academic, physical and social growth. Here are some pictures of the preschool summer 2012 program! We had fun pretending we were cowboys and cowgirls by dressing up in Western attire! After we got all dressed up we had a great time dancing around at our rodeo!  We also enjoyed doing relay races all through out the summer!

Photo Gallery:

fireworks fireworks 2 fireworks 3 cowboys cowboys 2 cowgirls 1 cowgirls 2 rodeo rodeo 2 rodeo 3 rodeo 4 rodeo 5 rodeo 6 rodeo 7 rodeo 8 rodeo 9 relay races relay races 2 relay races 3 relay races 4 relay races 5