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Oak Tree Preschool will help your child:

  • Build a positive self image!
  • Increase his or her confidence and independence!
  • Learn to share with others!
  • Develop a wide variety of basic skills!
  • Develop fine and gross motor coordination!
  • Develop warm and trusting relationships with children and adults!
  • Discover that learning is fun and exciting!



We believe that each child is a unique and special individual! Our various programs are well balanced to meet each child’s individual needs. We have a great responsibility to the children who attend Oak Tree and our staff members provide your child with a safe, secure, stimulating and educational environment...one designed to create a lifelong love of learning in your child!


  1. Applications for enrollment are available at the school. These forms are to be completed and returned on or before your child’s first day with us. The forms are as follows:
    1. Child Registration - To be fully completed by the parent.
    2. Health Record - To be completed and signed by your child’s doctor.
    3. School Handbook - For use by the parent.
  2. Provisions needed from home are as follow:
    1. A complete change of clothing including socks and underwear, in a labeled Ziploc bag. Infants and Toddlers will need diapers, wipes, creams, food and bottles etc.
    2. If your child will be lunching with us. You will need to supply a lunch including food and drink.
    3. If your child will be napping/resting with us, you will need to supply a small pillow, sheet, a blanket. (Crib sheets and blankets are perfect!) These items should be brought in a 10x12 dish tub, labeled with your child’s name.
    4. All belongings including coats, shoes, Show & Tells, should be labeled with your child’s name.
  3. Oak Tree Preschool reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any child for reasons consistent with the best interest of the child himself, the other children and the school.


  1. Oak Tree has the following scheduled hours:
    School Opens 6:30am
    Preschool Begins 9:00am
    Snack (supplied by the school) 10:00am
    Preschool Ends/Lunch 12:00pm
    Rest/Nap time 12:30pm
    Afternoon Snack 3:00pm
    School Closes


  2. Sign In/Sign Out Sheet - There is a sign in/sign out sheet near the front door that must be signed each day by the person who brings or picks up your child. This is very important to the running of our school. We use this record to track attendance and to aid in billing. Please make this a part of your daily routine.
    If a person other than the parent/guardian is to pick up your child, please notify his or her teacher in advance. If the staff members at the school do not know the person, we will ask for an ID to validate his/her identity with the information you have given us
  3. Preschool Drop Off - If your child is attending our preschool program, please have him/her to the school before 9:00a.m. Children arriving late often feel they have missed something or are being excluded from something. All teachers will do their best to bring late children into the happenings of the day as smoothly as possible.
  4. Preschool Pick Up - If your child is attending preschool only, please pick him/her up between 12:00 and 12:05. Class will end promptly at noon. If you arrive early, the door may closed. Please wait in the hallway until the teachers end their day and it will allow the teachers to end their day and it will insure the safety of the children.
  5. Schedule Changes - If you are going to bring in or pick up your child at a different time, please talk to your child’s teacher in advance. This will allow us to plan our day.
  6. Absenteeism - If your child is not going to attend school on a scheduled day, please call the school before 9:00am on that day.


  1. The tuition rate for the services offered at Oak Tree Preschool are as follows:

    Preschool Rates: (West Shore Trail Location)
    Preschool only (9:00-12:00) 27.00/day
    Preschool only (second child) 26.00/day
    Full day 37.00/day
    Full day (second child) 35.00/day
    Before/After School 7.00/hour (minimum charge of $35/weekly)
    Toddler Rates: (Woodport Road Location)
    Preschool only (9:00-12:00) 32.00/day
    Full day 42.00/day
    Extra Hours 9.00/hour

    Base Rate
     - Each child is signed up for a certain number of days. This is what you will be automatically charged each week. Additional hours or days can be added as needed, provided classroom space allows.

    Statements/Bills - You will receive a statement of charges in your child’s cubby every other week. Payment is due within a week of receipt. Non payment will result in the dismissal of your child from Oak Tree. Collection charges and interest will be added to your bill if necessary and will be the responsibility of both parents.

  2. Holiday Closings - Holidays on which the school is closed will be charged as a normal day. If your child is scheduled to attend that day, you will be charge for that day. The holidays that the school will be closed are as follows:

    New Year’s Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
    Christmas Day

    We also offer optional care the week between Christmas and New Years. You will have option of signing up for that week. You will only be charged for the days that your child is signed up for.

  3. School Closings - Snow days on which the school is closed will be charged at the normal rate. Days on which the school opens late or closes early will also be charged at the normal rate.

  4. Vacation Days (no charge days) - You will receive one week of vacation days. For example if your child is signed up for two days per week, you will receive two vacation days for the year. If your child is signed up for three days per week, you will receive three vacation days. The vacation days may be used from September-June. You must notify your child’s teacher or director if you would like to use a vacation day.

  5. Illness Days - Scheduled days missed due to illness will be charged at the regular rate. In extreme situations, please see the director so that some type of arrangement may be worked out.

  6. Withdrawals - Withdrawals from the school must be notified in writing two weeks prior to the last day of attendance. Charges will continue to accrue until written notice is received.

  7. Late or No Show Procedures: If you are going to be late picking up your child, please call and let us know. If you are late picking up your child and it is 6:10 or later, there is an additional fee of $10.00. If you late picking up you child and it is 6:30 or later, there is an additional fee of $20.00. This charge is automatically added to your bill. Please be considerate of staff members who may have plans for the evening. We allow a 10 minute window for traffic, delays, etc. please realize that we close at 6:00 and those extra minutes are provided as a courtesy.

    The state of New Jersey provides the following regulations in regards to any child not picked up at the time of the center’s daily closing time.

    1. The child will be supervised at all times at Oak Tree staff members.

    2. The staff will make every effort to contact the parent and/or any authorized Persons.

    3. An hour or more after closing and providing the staff member was unable to make other arrangements or contact the parent or authorized person, the staff Member is required by law to contact the child abuse hotline 1-877-652-2873 To seek assistance in caring for the child.

  8. The following procedures will be followed by the staff members is parents or person authorized by the parents appear to be physically and/or emotionally impaired to the extent that in the judgment of the staff member, the child would be placed at risk or harm if released to such individual:

    1. The child may not be released to such an impaired individual.

    2. The staff will attempt to contact the other parent or an alternative person(s) Authorized by the parents.

    3. If the center is unable to make alternative arrangements, a staff member shall Call the child abuse hotline 1-877-652-2873.
  9. School Age Children: No school age child will be released from the program unsupervised except upon written instructions from the child’s parent. 


  1. Back to School Night - Every September, Oak Tree hosts an annual Back to School Night. This is an opportunity to see your child’s room and meet his/her teacher.
  2. Teacher Conference - Conferences between teachers and parents will be held in January. There will also be progress reports done by the teacher at this time. Conferences may also be held anytime it is requested by the parent or the teacher as the need occurs.
  3. School Presentations - The staff and children of Oak Tree will present something special for parents and friends in June. This special event will be posted and you will be notified in advance.
  4. Field Trips - Field Trips will occur throughout the year. We believe they are a valuable learning experience for your child. These trips cannot succeed without the support and cooperation of you, the parents. Information about the field trips will be posted in advance. Your child’s teacher will tell you about the details and let you know how you can help make the trip a success. Field trips are sometimes taken by bus or car. If you sign up to drive children in your car, it is assumed that your car is issued, registered and inspected.
  5. Classroom Visits - You are welcome at anytime to visit or join a class at Oak Tree. If you have something special you would like to share, we would be very happy to have you bring it in. The more parent participation we have, the better overall experience for the children. We do ask that you talk with your child’s teacher about your visit so we can plan the best way to take advantage of your time with us.
  6. Special Materials - During the year, there will be times when you will be asked to bring in special materials for the school or your child’s class. These will be such items as magazines, paper towels rolls, baby food jars, etc. These will be used in art projects.
  7. Parent’s Library - In the school office, there are some books and videos related to the preschool year and children in general. Please feel free to come in and check out some of the materials.
  8. Volunteers - We will be giving you many opportunities to volunteer at Oak Tree throughout the year. These opportunities will include field trips, special school parties and joining the classes to share special topics of interest.
  9. Parent’s Night Out - Several times during the year, Oak Tree will host a Parent’s Night Out. It runs from 6:00pm until 12:00am. The children have a slumber party while their parents enjoy a night out. Advanced sign up is required and a minimum of ten children is necessary. A sign-up sheet is posted in the hallway before each Parent’s Night Out.
  10. Open Houses - Once a year Oak Tree sets aside a day for parents to come in and observe and participate in their child’s class. This day will be announced by your child’s teacher approximately two weeks before the day.
  11. Paper Drive - Every October Oak Tree holds a paper drive. We ask
    that each family bring in one of the following:
      1. Paper Towels
      2. Tissues
      3. Cups
      4. Napkins
      5. Paper Plates

This helps us to keep the overall cost of the program low.


  1. Class Information:




    Mrs. Janice Woodport 18 months - 2 years
    Mrs. Dawn Woodport 2 years- 3 years
    Mrs. Amelia West Shore Trail 2 1/2 years - 3 1/2 years
    Mrs. Debbie

    West Shore Trail

    3 1/2 years - 4 years
    Mrs. Shelly

    West Shore Trail

    4 years - 4 1/2 years
    Mrs. Maria

    West Shore Trail

    4 1/2 years - 5 years
    Mrs. Elaine

    Mohawk Ave.

    Before and After Kindergarten
  2. Cubbies: Each child is given a cubby to hold their papers and art projects. Most important information will be communicated to you through memos in your child’s cubby. Please check your child’s cubby daily.
  3. Class News: Each class has a special News Bulletin Board. Please check these boards find out about events in your child’s class.
  4. Special Notices and School wide Activities: These events will be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.
  5. Sleeping Materials: These will be sent home every Friday for cleaning. Please have them back to school the following Monday. If your child does not have bedding, we will lend him/her some. We ask that you take this loaned bedding home and wash it and return it the next day.
  6. Toys: We ask that children not bring toys to school unless it is a special event designed by their teacher.


  1. Children should be dressed for the weather and active play at all times. Their clothes should be durable and washable. Children should be equipped with appropriate coats, boots, hats and mittens. Also, shoes should be active wear in which your child can run.
  2. In warm weather, please do not send your child in sandals, flip--flops, or jellies. Please remember your child’s capabilities in regards to toileting when dressing your child. (Sweat pants versus button and zipper.)
  3. Please remember to update your child’s extra set of clothes that are kept at the school. Change of season or change in your child’s size should mean a change in the clothing kept at the school.
  4. Please remember to label clothing, especially coats!


  1. Rules for the children to follow:
    1. They are asked to be considerate of the other children and teachers.
    2. One child is not allowed to interfere with another child’s work or play unless invited to share by the other child.
    3. They must try to complete one task before going on to another.
    4. Work and play materials should be put away before new things are taken out.
  2. Daily Field Trips: (West Shore Trail Location Only)
    1. Weather permitting, walks may be taken to:
      1. the Lake Mohawk plaza, boardwalk and the boardwalk playground
      2. the area around the tennis courts and path to Mohawk Avenue School
      3. Behind the Mohawk Avenue School and to the Sparta Library and theLibrary Park/Playground.
    2. Each parent will be asked to sign a permission slip for these trips in order for a child to participate
    3. Oak Tree reserves the right to limit the participation of a child, if the staff feels the walks may endanger a child’s safety

  3. Discipline:
    1. If a child is disruptive or disobedient, he/she will be asked to cooperate. If the child refuses, he/she will be removed from the situation, either to sit in time-out or to go into one of the classes. The teacher will discuss with the child why he/she was being disciplined. The goal of discipline is to teach, to help the child replace a negative behavior with a positive behavior. Children should see that their actions/words have consequences (positive and negative) and our goal is to help them understand the connection.
    2. If a child’s behavior becomes worse or is extreme, such as harming another child, the teacher will discuss the problem with the parent, so that a solution can be mutually agreed upon.
    3. A child will never be left alone in a room
    4. A child will never be physically or emotionally abused in any way.


It is one of Oak Tree’s highest priorities to have a happy, safe and healthy environment for your child, because of this, we must be strict with our rules about health and illness. Please work with us to keep all of our children in the best of health.

A child will not be admitted to school if:

  1. He/she is under the care of a licensed physician who advises against the child attending school.
  2. He/she is in pain or discomfort.
  3. He/she has had diarrhea or has vomited within the past 24 hours.
  4. He/she has had a fever of 100.0 degrees or higher within the past 24 hours.
  5. He/she has a severe cold with fever, sneezing, coughing and nose discharge.
  6. He/she has conjunctivitis. (commonly known as pink eye)
  7. He/she has a severe cough or bronchitis.
  8. He/she has skin infections or rashes that are contagious such as impetigo.
  9. He/she has any type of contagious disease.
  10. He/she has been to a doctor and the doctor diagnosed some type of illness which requires your child to be place on antibiotics
  11. He/she seems ill without obvious symptoms. In this case, a child may look and act different than usual. There may be unusual paleness, irritability, unusual tiredness, or lack of interest. Please be considerate of your child and if he/she is not feeling well enough to be actively involved in the events of the day, please keep him/her home

If your child develops any of these symptoms while in attendance at Oak Tree, he or she will be removed from the group and you will be notified and asked to pick up your child immediately. For this reason, it is critical that emergency numbers always be updated. Please help staff by letting us know if your child was sick since he/she was at school last. It will help us deal with any problems that may arise. 
Minor accidents which occur at school will be treated by a teacher with soap, water, ice and bandage, as needed. It will be recorded and the teacher will let the parent know what happened.

All medications brought in to school must be registered with the school in the Medicine Log and it must be handed directly to a staff member. All medicine must be brought in the original container. If it is a prescription medicine, the label from the pharmacy must be on the medicine.

The parent will be notified immediately of major accidents or illnesses. In the case of an emergency, the emergency squad will be called and a staff member will accompany your child to the hospital and will stay with your child until you or an authorized person arrives.

The following is a list of Excluded Communicable Diseases. A child or staff member with any of these diseases will not be allowed to return to the center without a doctor’s permission. Parents will be notified of any outbreaks of these communicable diseases.

Chicken Pox Tuberculosis*
German Measles* Whooping Cough*
Hemophilus Influenzae* Hepatitis A*
Measles* Salmonella*
Meningococcus* Shigella*
Strep Throat Giardia Lamblie


*These diseases are also reported to the local health department of the NJ Department of Licensing.


  1. Breakfast: Children may eat breakfast provided by the parent at Oak Tree as long as it is finished by 8:30am.

  2. Lunch: Children who will be at school for lunchtime should bring a lunch from home. This lunch should contain everything needed for that child’s lunch, including silverware. We prefer a well balanced, nutritious lunch. Please do not send in glass containers of any kind. We ask that children finish their primary food before they proceed to their snack. We suggest packing all healthy choices when packing your child’s lunch.

  3. Snacks:
    10:00am - We have a morning snack around 10:00am each day. This snack is provided by the school. We have a variety of foods for this time, including fruit, crackers and cookies. 
    3:00pm - We also have snack at approximately 3:00pm. each day. The parent should provide this snack. Many parents like to send in something extra in their child’s lunch which the child saves for snack time. If a child does not have something for snack, the school will provide it.

  4. Birthday: You are welcome to send in a special treat for your child’s birthday. We suggest that this treat by small and not candy. Please talk with your child’s teacher about how many treats will be needed and which day you would like to bring something in.


  1. School Closings - School Closings - We will make every effort to open the school on time. If there is a morning when we cannot, we attempt to open the school by 8:30am. If we are still unable to open, we will close the school for the day. Information about these closing will be broadcasted on radio stations: FM-102.3, 103.7, and 106.3. Please listen to the radio for the latest information. We will follow the Sparta Public Schools in regard to delays. If Sparta schools are closed or delayed Oak Tree will automatically delay. Please listen to the radio to see if we remain delayed or if we need to close.

  2. Early Closings - If we need to close the school early, we will call you to come pick up your child. If this does occur, it will be for unavoidable reasons. Please react quickly to our request. If we cannot get in touch with you, we will call the emergency number you have on file.

  3. Emergency Closings - In the event that we have to close the school on a day that does not involve inclement weather, we will broadcast this information on the radio stations: FM102.3, 103.7, and 106.3.


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